All Proceeds go to help fund the 100K Sisters Campaigns and Scholarships.
The 100K Sisters movement is a movement born out of the need for Black Women to Unite and create unlimited opportunities for each other especially our younger “Baby Sisters”. We are a “Sisterhood” For the Greater Good!
This is an empowerment movement to encourage and enlighten women to a path of business and spiritual success.
Mission: To be 100K, Conscientious, Positive Sisters Strong.
Motto: We are a Sisterhood for the Greater Good Who Believes That It Takes a Village to Raise a Child and
if “Together We Stand, Together We Can.
100K Sisters Levels of Sisterhood:
A. Senior Big Sisters, All of the coordinators on the TBWE is a Bigger Big Sister
B. Big Sisters, – Level A Volunteers
C. Sisters – Level B Volunteers
D. Little Sisters and Baby Sisters. – Recipients of Funds Raised. We will teach them how to build businesses with their brains and sweat equity. What is their passion? Help build etsy websites and sell things.
E. Senior Big Sisters – do volunteer work to bring awareness to our cause and they raise funds to fund projects for our Little Sisters and Baby Sisters. Little Sisters and Baby Sisters 9 to 18.
The highest level is Bigger Big Sister.
The Inaugural Event Benefits:
  • – School Supplies Raiser. (We need a page and banner for this for the website). Encourage all business owners to request a flyer, get a box and start raising supplies.
  • Diamonds and Pearls