Meet Diamonds and Pearls Mothers

Our Vision: Enriching the Lives of Women and Children!

One of the missions of the Diamonds and Pearls Mothers Organization is to make sure that each one of our endeavors empowers women. It’s always  our hope that our light is bright enough to light the path of all women from all stations in life.
So on behalf of the D&P executive board, we send this message: Be Strong, Be Diligent, and Be Empowered.  Finally, as an organization, be secure in the knowledge that we are always here.  Empowering lives…Empowering women.

What We Do

Through strategic partnerships we connect community leaders who desire to impact the lives of women and children through multiple resources. During the Mother’s Day Gala, children, women and organizations interact on a level of intimacy which helps everyone remain focus on the importance of “cooperation” (working together) to empower our communities. Additionally, exceptional individuals are acknowledged for doing so.

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Diamonds and Pearl Mothers

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