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Dr. Michalyn Demaris Porter

A passionate Entrepreneur, Business Women and Inventor born and raised in Houston, Texas. Currently, Porter serves as the President & Chief Operating Officer of Aleryn Incorporated.  Her company has several holdings of patents for Dr.–Porter’s industrious inventions.

” Most of my products were created because I needed them and they weren’t on the market.” Porter says, ” I literally invented my, latest patented product, the Weave Dryer® after my hair was soaked and there was no way to dry it on my vacation.” Porter says, she went to sleep and “dreamed” what has now become the first blow dryer nozzle for hair- weave wearers to completely dry extensions and weaves. Porter also invented a shampoo glove for Ion hair that can also be used on pets called the Shampoo Genie® United States Patent Pending.

Dr. Porter recalls as a child being very creative and intrigued by the beauty and fashion industry. She spent hours in her Grand­mother’s salon on a weekly basis helping her and observing her weaving techniques. This curiosity lead. her to begin to incorporate var1ous beauty techniques in her own fashion to achieve a desired look. She believes it was her grandmothers inspiration which came to her in a dream which lead her to create the award winning Weave Dryer®.

Dr. Porter holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership. A Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry and a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration.  Additionally, Dr. Porter is an active member in several prominent organizations, including Alpha Kappa Alpha “Sorority, Inc., Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter – Houston, Texas.

She has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and is an award-winning Lean Six Sigma® Corporate Business Executive. Dr. Porter is a wife and the mother of two young daughters.

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