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Trichologist, Kindria R. Hawkins-Simpson BSBA, CHLS, CHLP
Certified Hair Health/Hair Loss Practitioner

My Story

I became a cosmetologist in 1995. Later, I received my Bachelor’s in Business Administration and had a very successful career in Corporate America as Regional Human Resources Director. After 17 years in Corporate America I hit a crossroad and started questioning my destiny. I had a dream and woke up with an unexplained joy. “Go back and reinstate my cosmetology license.” I have come full circle and back to doing what I love.

Since coming back to the beauty industry, the one consistent thing I noticed is a significant number of people, including myself, suffering from various forms of hair loss. Concerned with my own hair loss as well as my clients, I began educating myself on hair loss and regrowth solutions. That interest led me to obtain my Hair loss Specialist Certification (HLSC) and Hair Loss Practitioner Certification (HLPC) as well as a national accreditation from the American Medical Certification Association (AMCA).

After years of research, I developed my very own all natural hair regrowth treatment (patent pending) and a shampoo and conditioner both customized for a person’s specific hair loss/thinning, scalp issues and healthy growing hair. The treatment and customized products work twice as fast as other products on the market and offers almost immediate results. For the past four years, I have performed the Rekindle treatments on many clients suffering from hair loss, thinning/other problems that prevented hair growth. All clients that have completed the treatments have experienced full hair regrowth.

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Shampoo and Conditioner is not a one size fits all.

Did you know? Using the wrong shampoo and condition can cause breakage, thinning, hair loss, inflammation, scalp irritation, lack of moisture and much more.

With so many products it hard to choose the right combination for your hair. Let me help you by customizing a shampoo and conditioner specific for your hair care needs.
FB/Rekindle Hair Restoration Solutions

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